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We have a digital online course that would introduce you to photography basics and how to become a professional photographer. Many people have cameras, but only a handful know how to use them. At Geoscapes Photography, we teach people how to use a camera, create amazing pictures, and take the right shot every time. If you really are interested in becoming an expert photographer, you shouldn’t miss our online course.

Course Description

This digital photography course will give you the right skills and knowledge to become an expert photographer. Every camera has many features, and you need to know how to handle every feature. We will introduce you to the architecture and function, how every button works, sensors, frames, and file formats.

You’ll also learn the main techniques and styles of photography, including wildlife photography, street photography, and landscape photography. Once you have mastered the basics, you’ll move on to the next step. The next level includes intensive coursework, such as the history of photography, the technological advancements in photography, and key figures in the photography world. Simultaneously, you will also be learning how to store image files, the right equipment to carry for each photoshoot, and the Rule of Thirds.

With the skills you learn, you’ll be able to capture interesting moments and store them for posterity. In just a few hours, you will learn extensive knowledge that can help you jumpstart your professional career. Therefore, get your camera and enroll in this course today.

Course Objectives

Students who complete this course learn many things. One of the first things they learn is the history and origins of photography. They also learn how to identify various photographic styles and associate them with leading photographers. They will understand and apply the Rule of Thirds while applying the different aspects of a DSLR.

Our program also aims to teach you about image management systems and how to file your photos correctly. We will also show you how to distribute your photos on the internet using the creative Commons icons and how you can prevent photo copyright infringement. During the course of your learning, you will come to understand what is a crop sensor, full-frame, and the key attributes of pictures.

How to Enroll

Joining our online classes is a simple process. All you will need is your full name, an email address, and your phone number. Once you have created an online account and paid the small fee, you will be assigned a tutor. The tutor will assess your photography skills to determine where you should start.

Camera Skills

We have a course that introduces you to modern photography. We will explain to you the various camera types and the new ways you can explore them. We believe good photographers come from understanding various camera technology and being familiar with every camera model.

There are different types of camera lenses. The differences arise from focal length. As a result, we will teach you how to measure the focal length and how it impacts camera quality. Similarly, shutter speeds also affect the dynamic nature of photography. We will explain to you what a shutter speed is and how you can apply it in your photography process. Finally, you will also understand how you can control depth and light using the camera’s aperture.

Advanced Camera Skills

As your skills improve, you will be introduced to advanced photography techniques. One of the things you will learn is how light affects image quality. Camera exposure is a key element of photography. If your lenses allow in too much light, you will get a low-quality image. On the other hand, if your lenses allow too little light, you will have a blurred image. We will teach you how to avoid these pitfalls by providing a course dedicated to light measurement.

Course Progress

Your progress throughout the entire process will be monitored closely. Some people understand some concepts faster than others. If we discover there are elements you are struggling to master, we will emphasize those elements. The idea is to create a powerful photography foundation that teaches you the basics and intricates of photography while allowing you to practice creativity. These concepts and ideas will help you become a master of photography. Contact us today to get started.

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