About Us

Geoscapes Photography is a privately-owned school that offers photography classes and seminars. Founded over a decade ago, we offer vocational training both online and offline.

Over the years, more than one million learners have joined our school to improve their photography skills. We’ve earned a good reputation over the years as a school that offers quality at-home photography classes.

We saw the need to meet the emerging photography needs of modern adults living a busy lifestyle. We’re determined to offer an innovative way to enhance your photography skills through convenient and valuable distance learning.

Our photography classes are offered remotely to help you study at home during your free time at your own pace.
Photography is booming in this digital era.
High-quality images shot using digital cameras and smartphones, and the increasing popularity of social media makes it easier to improve your photography skills.

A beginner photography class is what you need to get off “auto” mode photography. As a result, you’ll feel confident when using more advanced and creative features on your camera.

Photography is an art and makes a great passion and hobby for many people. It also makes an excellent career choice. At Geoscapes Photography, you can join our photography classes to gain the knowledge you need to take up a career in photography.

Our photography classes also teach the techniques and tricks of successful photography, atop improving your existing skills.

However, some great professional photographers were self-taught.
With Geoscapes Photography classes, we eliminate the guesswork off your learning process as in self-taught learning. We offer formal photography classes for persons of all ages.

We’ve invested in a high-tech and modern world-class studio, amenities, and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate your learning process. Our photography school also prides itself on industry photography experts and experienced tutors who help beginners improve their photography skills.

Geoscapes Photography

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