GSA Today, June 1999, Continental Divide - Sawatch Range and James Peak, Colorado

View north along Continental Divide descending from Grizzly Peak (13,988 feet) in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. Melting snowfields dipping to east (right) flow into the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers before entering the Gulf of Mexico. In contrast, melting snowfields dipping to the west (left) flow into the Colorado River. Grizzly Peak is composed of Oligocene andesitic lava flows and breccias.

Inset photograph depicts geologist exploring mine adit in Precambrian gneiss along flanks of James Peak in the Front Range of Colorado.

E-mail message from Susan Nace of GSA

"I can't begin to tell you how many complements we have received on our second announcement. It is thanks to you and to the very creative women who work with/for GSA that have made this second announcement an outstanding piece of marketing!"


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