Mugu Lagoon, Ventura County, California

ID 1927

Mugu Lagoon and tidal flats comprise the largest remaining coastal wetland in southern California. Waves and longshore currents transported sand into the area and built the bar that separates the brackish water of the lagoon from the open ocean. Due to construction of a breakwater at Port Hueneme (located approximately seven miles up the coast), the supply of sand transported into this area has been significantly reduced. As a result, the shoreline in this area has retreated by hundreds of feet during the past several decades. A submarine canyon also approaches within a few hundred feet of the beach.

Native Americans favored the Point Mugu area as a place of residence because of the abundant food (shellfish, fish, and birds) provided by the biologically rich environment of Mugu Lagoon. Mugu Lagoon is an important resting and breeding ground for birds on the Pacific Flyway.

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